Vibration: the Underlying Truth


Every single person, place, creature & thing on the planet, including the Earth herself, is vibrating at a certain frequency. Consider the birds singing outside your window, the seemingly solid sofa you rest on, the food you eat, the sound of your voice…they all possess a vibratory frequency, whether it is obvious or very subtle. There are also many many sounds which are inaudible & unheard by the human ear, yet they still exist & emit a vibration. (The human really only perceives one millionth of the electromagnetic spectrum).

Since we now know through the advancements in Quantum Physics & Mechanics that everything in reality has a vibration, the gates of potential for altering any given frequency for positive or negative have been opened. The power of sound, vibration, toning, singing, chanting, speaking & music in general is immense. Sound has a profound effect upon our psyche, physiology, emotional well being & mental functioning. Music & sound therapy is an up & coming form of healing which has a lot of science & research behind it.

The outstanding work of Dr. Emoto, a Japanese scientist & researcher, has found a way to validate the power of vibration & other various stimuli upon the molecular structure of water. His testing was based upon exposing water (remember WE are primarily composed of water, as is the Earth) to different types of sound, music, written word, technology & environmental situations, freezing it, then viewing its crystalline structure under a microscope. The results were incredible!

In general, the water which was exposed to microwaves, hurtful words, angry music & negatives forces, produced mutated & deformed crystals, very similar to what a cancer cell might look like.

Conversely, the water which was exposed to positive affirmations, soothing music, uplifting prayers & mediations were beautifully shaped, forming sacred geometrical crystals. Divine!Visual Meditations
And also very compelling were the vibratory frequencies of the words LOVE & GRATITUDE. Those words, when exposed to the water, consistently produced the most outstandingly beautiful & “perfect” crystal shapes. Wow! That’s scientific proof that love can conquer all!

This is just one fine example of how the frequencies of our thoughts, environmental exposure, sounds & practices of daily living can impact our well being.

IMG_7395With that being said, let’s take a look at the energetic space of the throat chakra, Vishudda. If you are not yet familiar with the chakras, consider them wheels of life force energy. These are special areas within the body which you cannot see, but like revolving doors they receive & absorb energy, emit & release energy. We have 7 major chakras, which run along our spine from root to crown, in coordination with the location of our endocrine glands. Each chakra is related to a different body system & various aspects of our psychology, behavioral & spiritual health. The throat chakra specifically, is directly related to the element Ether, governs the throat, neck, shoulders, ears, nose & mouth, & is the seat of sound, vibration, communication, listening & how we express ourselves in the world.

The fascinating part of this is learning how to use to positive, uplifting healing Sound & Vibrational tools & techniques to open this chakra & bring balance to our whole being. Vishudda roughly translates to “purify”. When we learn to speak our Truth, freely express ourselves creativity & articulately, we purify our expression between the mind & the heart. We begin to develop a stronger relationship with the concept of Vibration & harness the power of our throat chakra. Additionally, the effects of sound & vibration are not exclusive to just the throat chakra. If we know all things are vibrating, then your whole being will receive the benefits!

Awakening our inner voice & allowing it to come forth into the world is potent medicine. Think back to the most beautiful song you ever heard, a compelling speech or your favorite book. All throat chakra stuff! Remember how good those moments made you feel! Now consider a time in your life when you so badly wanted to share a joke or story to a group of friends at a party but didn’t feel confident enough to believe that your words had value. Or perhaps you continually get shut down at your workplace, never getting the chance to speak up for yourself & your views. Or maybe as a child you were often told to be quiet. How do those experiences make you feel?

Whether we realize it or not, the way we communicate & listen dramatically affects our self-confidence, willingness to relax, go with the flow, express our passions & emotions & live an authentic life. Additionally, a healthy balanced throat chakra relates to a healthy balanced thyroid gland, less neck & shoulder tension, less mental chatter, reduced headaches & jaw pain.

IMG_7229This is exactly why I’m bringing my sound healing tools to the Magical Mamas Retreat! My gong & quartz crystal singing bowls are magical instruments to help reduce inflammation, ease stress & tension, remove energetic blockages & realign the chakras. I can’t wait to share with you the beautiful experience of inviting healing sounds into your body, mind & spirit!


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Mama’s Doing Self-Care!

Imagine that you are 8 years old again, playing over at your friend’s house, in the living room, having a great time doing the things you loved to do. You hear the front door open, and your friend’s mom breezes in, the wind in her hair, a smile on her face, rosy cheeks, and a twinkle in her eye. She rushes over to your friend and gives him or her a great big hug, and exclaims, “I missed you so much, and I’m so glad to see you!” She starts telling the two of you grand stories about the weekend adventure she just had, making art, eating vibrant food, singing and dancing, relaxing, and connecting with other mamas.

Now, this scene may be very different from your best friend’s house, growing up. And, it may be very different from your own childhood.

But, take a moment to feel what you would have felt, as an 8-year-old little girl, seeing your best friend’s mom behave in this way. What is the feeling? What questions would you have for her? How do you see her, as a mother, in this scene? How do you imagine your friend would feel?


Now, take a breath. I think you know where I’m going with this.

We’ve all heard the analogy of the airplane oxygen mask. The flight attendant requests that, in the event of an emergency, all adults put on their own mask, before placing the mask of their child. This may seem counterintuitive at first. But, if the adult were to pass out, after their child’s oxygen mask was on, what might happen then? In order for the parent to guide the child out of the airplane, the parent needs to be conscious.

The same is true for all care-taking. In order for us to be effective care-takers for others, we must be effective at our own care, first.

We actually know this, intuitively. If we are going into the emergency room, and are given a choice between the doctor who has been there 17 hours and is going home in an hour, or the physician who just came on shift an hour ago, we will all make the same choice. We want someone who has slept, eaten recently, and who has full reserves. We know that the doctor going home soon is probably equally capable of diagnosing and prescribing. But, we are all WHOLE persons, with emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual needs. We want someone who is going to be fully present for us.10295501_10203929302136012_2519691704396028839_o

Now, as parents, how often do you feel like the doc who has been on for 17 hours? Your head hits the pillow at night, and you are OUT! The difference, of course, is that we LOVE LOVE LOVE these people we are caring for. We give our best, in each moment, and the rewards are far greater than a paycheck. The other difference is that docs do this 18-hour shift two or three times a week; we parent every day.

So, back to your best friend’s mama, above. Who seems to benefit from her weekend of self-care, in the scene? In what way? Who else isn’t in the scene but might also benefit?

The truth is that mamas just need a minute, every once in a while. Call it a wellness day, a day off, a break. : ) It’s a good thing for mamas, babies, partners, and even kids’ best friends to see what happens when women take good care of themselves.

Let’s make it happen, today!

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All my love,

Jennifer Hoeprich
Midwife at Moxie Midwifery
Hypnotherapist at Moxie Meditation


I love being away from my children

Yup, you read that right – I love being away from my children.

It took some doing to embrace this truth about myself. It’s funny that it took so long. I knew at a fairly early age that I enjoyed time away from my parents, that too much time spent with friends was a strain on friendship, and that time apart from my husband was beneficial.


Just to be clear, I also love being with the important people in my life – especially after we’ve spent time apart! I am grateful to be in a family that gets to live together, under one roof. Being apart is by choice, not necessity. (I do not have to earn income in a faraway land) One of the reasons I chose to start my own health coaching practice is so that I could spend more time with my family. I subscribe to Attachment Parenting (the irony is not lost on me!). My love for my children runs deep, deeper than I could have imagined before they entered my life.

I know a lot of moms – they are friends, clients, community. And all of them love to spend time doing things on their own. Most of them would hesitate to declare their desire for time away, unless it was for something “productive” like work, errands or school. When they allude to their desire, it is usually with wistfulness — “If only I could…!” — as though the possibility no longer exists.

I used to hesitate too, but here it is – my declaration — I love being away from my children, having fun on my own, and nourishing myself. In fact — I require it!

Feels good to speak my truth!

TCM Mastery Retreat May 2014 Atlanta
(Here’s a picture of me being goofy with friends I made at a Transformational Coach Training.)

I am a GREAT mom who finds nourishment in quiet alone time, traveling adventures with adults, and lunch dates with my husband. I like to read novels, have uninterrupted conversations with my girlfriends, and watch rated R movies. One of the many lessons my children have taught me is just how important and beautiful these things are to me.

When I try to deny the truth about my needs, I am a much less patient and loving mom. Let’s face it – this mom gig involves non-stop giving! When I gave birth I didn’t suddenly become someone without needs. I need to fill my cup just as much as I always did – more, actually! Now my cup needs to be full enough to share, and it seems harder to do!

It can feel like I’m taking something from my family when I carve out time for my own pleasure. I use excuses like money and time because I feel I haven’t earned it, though there is no point at which I feel “caught up” enough to have achieved the right to it.

What I’ve learned (and keep re-learning!) is that what takes away from my family the most is when I keep trying to earn self-care instead of simply doing it.

Blue Oak Creek

I’m curious to know – Do you enjoy time away from your children? Do you take time just for the joy of it? What if you did? What would you do? How might it impact your family? How might they benefit? What stops you?

Personally, I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to be away from my children at the Magical Mama Retreat October 18 & 19. I would dearly love to see you there, embracing your need to get away, to rediscover the True You, to receive sisterhood, delicious meals, nature and more. YOU are worth it. YOUR FAMILY is ready for a rejuvenated Mama!

(Oh, and I do hope you’ll join us for 7 Days of Magical Self-Care – a free online event – no excuses not to sign up for this one!)

Blue on Beach

Blue Russ
Holistic Health and Transformational Coach

Creating Balance: A Journey into the Chakras

Have you ever known a “free spirit” whose head is always in the clouds? They can talk about their favorite mantra for half an hour, but can’t remember what they ate for breakfast. They are full of gratitude and joy, and they are lovely to hang out with… when they actually show up to your lunch meeting.

Or, have you ever known someone who lets people “walk all over them”? They are the sweetest person, but they never stick up for themselves, and always seem to be saying “yes”, when they want to say “no.” Their calendar is chocked full, and they never seem to have time to do anything for themselves.

It is highly likely that these folks have an imbalance in one or more of their chakras, or energy centers, within the body.

We have seven chakras, and each has domain over certain areas of our physical bodies, as well as our mental and emotional energy. Let’s take a journey into discovering what each of these chakras does within our system, and see if you can figure out which chakras are most out of whack with our friends above!

Barefoot-In-Grass_Yellow-Flowers-Between-Toes__2920IMG_5240-320x480ROOT CHAKRA

The root chakra is located in the perineum, basically where your body connects with the earth, when sitting. This chakra controls the physical body in general, and is functioning well, with someone who is “grounded” and “down to earth.” The root chakra is the center which addresses the need to feel safe, at home, with a sense of belonging.

To support the root chakra, one might eat root vegetables, walk barefoot in the grass, wear red clothing, hug a tree, or smell sandalwood or cedarwood essential oil.


The sacral chakra is located at the base of the spine, and encompasses the reproductive organs, the large intestine, hip, and the bladder. Sensuality, sexual function, creativity, and relationships are controlled by this chakra. Someone who can “go with the flow” has a healthy sacral chakra.

To support the sacral chakra, place fresh, orange flowers, such as tiger lilies, in your home. Dance and sing, and visit an art museum. Swim under the moonlight.Orange-Lily-Flowers__IMG_9212-150x150

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA The solar plexus chakra is located just above the belly button, up to the sternum, and it represents the sense of self. A person whose solar plexus chakra is functioning well will be respected by others, and seen as having good self esteem, a person who is motivated, a “go-getter.”

UnknownTo support the solar plexus chakra, practice good posture, sitting up straight, shoulders down, and holding your head level. Let the sunlight touch your skin, a little, each day. Look in the mirror each morning, and say, “I effectively manifest joy and abundance in my life. I am powerful. I am worthy of love and respect.” Add yellow curtains to your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom.


The heart chakra is in the center of the chest. In addition to the heart, this chakra controls the lungs, arms, and hands. Unconditional love and acceptance are the hallmarks of a healthy heart chakra, and it also aids in the healing of our physical and emotional states. Figures like the Dalhi Lama, Mother Theresa, and Ghandi, are examples of people with a “heart of gold”, whose heart chakras are open and glowing.

To support the heart chakra, focus on compassion. Volunteer at a homeless outreach, or at an animal shelter. Bichon-Puppy-Frise__25162-150x150Keep a gratitude journal, and write down 3 things you are grateful for, each day (no repeats!). Without a doubt, the most powerful practice to open the heart is the art of forgiveness. Write down any grudges you are currently holding, and then focus on the person or people you are angry at. Imagine that they are wounded, in some way. Try to make the injury vague. Allow the feeling of compassion to creep in, ever so gently. Now, imagine that you are very old, on your deathbed, explaining to your children what is most important in life, imparting the wisdom you have gained. Take some time with this. What have you prioritized? What should they prioritize? What are your top three pieces of advice? Now, in this scene, imagine that your child says the name of the person you are now angry with. Explain to your beloved family member what the right course of action is, in this situation. Let this loved one know how to forgive. And, then, follow your own advice. The secret about forgiveness is that it benefits YOU, most of all.


The throat chakra includes the thyroid as well as the back of the neck, and allows for the free flow of expression, both in speaking truth as well as receiving it. Those with a balanced throat chakra are confident when saying “yes” and comfortable when saying “no.” A healthy throat chakra helps us to be good listeners and can even improve our singing capabilities, allowing us to have the “voice of an angel.”

satwant_satkriyaback-200x300To support the throat chakra, attend a Kirtan (devotional chanting gathering), and sing your heart out with ancient, sacred mantras. Take some time to marvel at the beauty of the blue sky. Practice listening to someone without thinking about what you are going to say next. Just be fully present to hearing what the person is saying. It’s surprising how challenging this can be! Also, doing Sat Kriya, a kundalini yoga exercise, can be very helpful. Sit on your heels, and clasp both hands together in front of you. Reach your arms up as high as you can, above your head, and make your pointer fingers touch. Now, say “Sat”, while pulling your belly in, followed directly by “Nam” while releasing your belly. “Sat” means “truth,” and “Nam” means name. You are declaring that truth is your identity. Continue this practice for three minutes, and then lie down on your back and completely rest for three minutes. Do this daily for a renewed confidence in speaking your truth.


The third eye chakra is located in the middle of the eyebrows, about two inches into the skull. It is also known as the pineal gland. This chakra governs intuition and the ability to think clearly. Those with a healthy third eye chakra are known for having a “sixth sense” about things.Unknown-1

To support the third eye chakra, begin to ask your Source for direction. Right before you fall asleep at night, write down a question you are currently pondering. This can be simple or complex. Close your eyes, and ask Source to provide you with a clear answer, right when you wake up. When you awake, notice immediately what you are thinking or feeling. Is there a song playing in your mind? Is there an image that sticks out from your dream? Is there an emotion? Tune into what you are experiencing, and see how this relates to your question. Also, you can begin a simple daily meditation practice, focusing on your third eye, and toning the sound of “Om.”


The crown chakra is located on the top of the head, and is the portal to pure consciousness and spiritual insight. It assists with realization of a higher purpose, unity, and deep peace. People who “don’t sweat the small stuff” tend to have a healthy crown chakra.

To support the crown chakra, meditate on the idea of a thousand-petal pink lotus slowly unfolding in the warm sunlight, right above your head. Schedule 15 minutes two or three times a week to just sit in silence. Pray for, or send good energy, to loved ones. When you do so, focus on the gratitude you feel, for the gift of knowing each person. Ask for signs, as to your higher purpose(s).

Each of the chakras play an important role in our day to day life, on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Finding balance will allow energy to flow easily, creating a beautiful life path full of health, happiness, fun and adventure, deep connection, and limitless possibilities.

Now that you’ve got a good understanding of what each chakra does, let’s look at our friends at the top. Which chakras seem out of balance with our friend whose head is always in the clouds? Hmmm… Did you say the Root Chakra? Any others? How about for the gal who’s always lamenting about feeling overwhelmed with too many tasks? This one’s a little tougher, and seems like there might be more than one. Perhaps the Solar Plexus and Throat Chakra? Are there others?

What about in your own life?

Do you ever feel as though one or more of your chakras could use a tune up? Or maybe your friends? The truth is that we EACH need a chakra balancing, now and again, to get all of our energies “on straight.”

In addition to the tips above, we can use ancient, scientifically proven techniques to assist in this process, such as mudras, toning, guided meditation, and affirmation creation. And, all of these techniques will be explored at our Magical Mamas Retreat on October 18th, 2014 at Arcosanti, as we provide a complete and total chakra balancing and clearing. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and be guided in the freeing of your mind, body, and soul. : ) This is in addition to the yoga, sound healing, art creating, dancing, singing, massage, yummy organic meals, and deep sisterhood that we will experience on this amazing retreat created especially to rejuvenate and inspire the TRUE you!

Join us for Magical Mamas Retreat: True You, and bring your bestie! Early bird and room sharing specials are in effect now! Sign up this very moment, right here.