You’re Invited to a Transformational Weekend

When we planned the first Magical Mama Retreat several years ago, we couldn’t have imagined the friendships that would be made, the release of limiting beliefs, the joy, the level of magic (double-rainbow, Indian wedding dance party!), the profound change in lives… including our own!

This year promises to be the best yet. There is a clear need for women to gather, and to connect in positive, meaningful ways. Magical Mama Retreat is happening October 21-23, 2016 at Arcosanti, Arizona. It is already 70% full, and it is going to be transformational!!

Top 5 ways that Magical Mama Retreat facilitates transformation:

  1. Me Time. 
    As much as you want. Seriously. You can just sleep all day, and wake up to eat, gaze at the beauty of nature, and use the restroom. You have full permission to journal, and experience self-reflection under a tree for hours. Your time at this event belongs to you, and only you.
  2. Nature.
    Enjoy yoga with a breathtaking gorge view, go on a gentle nature hike, tell Goddess stories by a bonfire under the stars.
  3. Sisterhood.
    We will be in circle throughout the weekend. This is an event where life-long friendships are made and deepened. You’ll laugh, cry, receive hugs, and engage in powerful conversations.
  4. Nourish Your Body.
    Enjoy organic, locally-grown, freshly prepared meals each day. In addition to yoga, and hiking, you’ll find Arcosanti is a magical art community with lots of stairs, twists, turns, and pathways leading to sacred spaces. Breathe it in, and notice how strong your legs are! You will also receive sound healing, guided imagery, and daily meditation. You may find that when you return home, you feel stronger, leaner, clearer-thinking, and more relaxed.
  5. Express Yourself.
    Create art, getting your hands in clay, and discover the Goddess within. You will use your voice. Connect with the inner spark that makes you YOU. Your family will benefit for years to come!

Join in. Step into who you are. The world needs you to shine bright, dear sister. Meet us there, and let’s make magic!

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Photos by Grace Marcellino Photography