Find Your Magic

We’ve officially reached the end of summer.

How does that statement sit with you?

Did you live it up over the past few months: adventuring, relaxing, and connecting?

Or are you stuck in a rut and needing a new spark?

My summer was a mix of everything.  There was adventure and family time.  I re-connected with old friends and build new relationships.  I took a few bold new steps in my professional life, while still prioritizing time with my son.  At times, I felt overwhelmed and out of the flow, but I am on a journey of self-compassion and I am learning how to find my own balance.

When I feel overwhelmed or stuck, I find a way to slow down, change course, and reconnect with myself.  I follow my intuition and mood.  I listen to my body.

Is this something you need to do, too?

When I slow down the magic happens.

I cut out distractions.  I clear out habits that no longer serve me.  Then I simply open to the universe.  I observe and see my amazing life.  From gratitude, I can then approach the task at hand – no matter how seemingly insignificant.  Washing dishes feels great in this mindset, as silly as that sounds.

The magic here is that the quality of my work skyrockets and the quality of my life improves in many ways.

I want to share this magic with you.

I want you to feel excellent, beautiful, and loved.  Let’s hit the reset button together.  A shift in the season is an excellent time to create your own shifts in life.

Along with my friends, Blue and Jennifer, I am planning a little retreat at Arcosanti: You’re Invited!!

MindsGarden-4viewOver the past six and a half years, I’ve transformed my life while living at Arcosanti.  It is a special place.  Home to about 60 people and second home to thousands more.  Time here is strange.  It slows down because of the lifestyle and yet it seems to speed up following the increased social interactions.  As with any place, however, the experience is what you make it.

At this two day, one night retreat we’ve planned a magic experience for all you mamas out there.  Whether you’re an experienced empty-nester or planning a future with children, this retreat will help you focus on the self-care we all need.

Here’s a secret: self-care is the key to finding magic in life.

Join us and re-discover your true self.


Register here.


Colleen Reckow

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Ceramicist, Lover of Quality & Local Food, Magical Mama

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