Vibration: the Underlying Truth


Every single person, place, creature & thing on the planet, including the Earth herself, is vibrating at a certain frequency. Consider the birds singing outside your window, the seemingly solid sofa you rest on, the food you eat, the sound of your voice…they all possess a vibratory frequency, whether it is obvious or very subtle. There are also many many sounds which are inaudible & unheard by the human ear, yet they still exist & emit a vibration. (The human really only perceives one millionth of the electromagnetic spectrum).

Since we now know through the advancements in Quantum Physics & Mechanics that everything in reality has a vibration, the gates of potential for altering any given frequency for positive or negative have been opened. The power of sound, vibration, toning, singing, chanting, speaking & music in general is immense. Sound has a profound effect upon our psyche, physiology, emotional well being & mental functioning. Music & sound therapy is an up & coming form of healing which has a lot of science & research behind it.

The outstanding work of Dr. Emoto, a Japanese scientist & researcher, has found a way to validate the power of vibration & other various stimuli upon the molecular structure of water. His testing was based upon exposing water (remember WE are primarily composed of water, as is the Earth) to different types of sound, music, written word, technology & environmental situations, freezing it, then viewing its crystalline structure under a microscope. The results were incredible!

In general, the water which was exposed to microwaves, hurtful words, angry music & negatives forces, produced mutated & deformed crystals, very similar to what a cancer cell might look like.

Conversely, the water which was exposed to positive affirmations, soothing music, uplifting prayers & mediations were beautifully shaped, forming sacred geometrical crystals. Divine!Visual Meditations
And also very compelling were the vibratory frequencies of the words LOVE & GRATITUDE. Those words, when exposed to the water, consistently produced the most outstandingly beautiful & “perfect” crystal shapes. Wow! That’s scientific proof that love can conquer all!

This is just one fine example of how the frequencies of our thoughts, environmental exposure, sounds & practices of daily living can impact our well being.

IMG_7395With that being said, let’s take a look at the energetic space of the throat chakra, Vishudda. If you are not yet familiar with the chakras, consider them wheels of life force energy. These are special areas within the body which you cannot see, but like revolving doors they receive & absorb energy, emit & release energy. We have 7 major chakras, which run along our spine from root to crown, in coordination with the location of our endocrine glands. Each chakra is related to a different body system & various aspects of our psychology, behavioral & spiritual health. The throat chakra specifically, is directly related to the element Ether, governs the throat, neck, shoulders, ears, nose & mouth, & is the seat of sound, vibration, communication, listening & how we express ourselves in the world.

The fascinating part of this is learning how to use to positive, uplifting healing Sound & Vibrational tools & techniques to open this chakra & bring balance to our whole being. Vishudda roughly translates to “purify”. When we learn to speak our Truth, freely express ourselves creativity & articulately, we purify our expression between the mind & the heart. We begin to develop a stronger relationship with the concept of Vibration & harness the power of our throat chakra. Additionally, the effects of sound & vibration are not exclusive to just the throat chakra. If we know all things are vibrating, then your whole being will receive the benefits!

Awakening our inner voice & allowing it to come forth into the world is potent medicine. Think back to the most beautiful song you ever heard, a compelling speech or your favorite book. All throat chakra stuff! Remember how good those moments made you feel! Now consider a time in your life when you so badly wanted to share a joke or story to a group of friends at a party but didn’t feel confident enough to believe that your words had value. Or perhaps you continually get shut down at your workplace, never getting the chance to speak up for yourself & your views. Or maybe as a child you were often told to be quiet. How do those experiences make you feel?

Whether we realize it or not, the way we communicate & listen dramatically affects our self-confidence, willingness to relax, go with the flow, express our passions & emotions & live an authentic life. Additionally, a healthy balanced throat chakra relates to a healthy balanced thyroid gland, less neck & shoulder tension, less mental chatter, reduced headaches & jaw pain.

IMG_7229This is exactly why I’m bringing my sound healing tools to the Magical Mamas Retreat! My gong & quartz crystal singing bowls are magical instruments to help reduce inflammation, ease stress & tension, remove energetic blockages & realign the chakras. I can’t wait to share with you the beautiful experience of inviting healing sounds into your body, mind & spirit!


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