Life Magical Mama Style, Retreatin’ Before our Retreat!

20141009_140204_resizedAs we drive through the rocky landscape on the way back to Phoenix from San Diego, we are reflecting on our experience over the past few days and how it has changed us.  So, here we are, typing away, on the road!20141012_104428_resized

We decided to attend a retreat, ourselves, to get all juiced up before hosting the Magical Mama Retreat THIS Saturday and Sunday! This is because we know that in order to give, we gotta receive.

20141010_074850_resizedWhat exactly did we receive while being away from our families for several days, connecting with other women, and splashing in the ocean? That’s been the topic of road trip discussion, and we’re going to share it with you, dear Mama. It is our hope that we can inspire you to honor your family and everything you pour your big heart into, by taking good care of YOU.

Outer Results We Noticed in Ourselves:

+Bright eyes

+Big smiles

+Spring in our step

+Carrying ourselves with confidence

+Shining hearts

+Renewed focus on personal stylephoto-17

Inner Results We Noticed in Ourselves:

+Renewed patience

+Excitement for parenting and partnering

+Feeling like we have a full cup, allowing us to spread the love


+Renewed and higher sense of self

+Expanded knowledge base of self-care

+More internal resources

+Clarity around next steps in life

+Release of the past, freeing us up for the future20141012_091540_resized

What better place to decide on action steps as we re-enter our daily lives!?

We each chose 2 action steps, and we’re holding each other accountable to do them!

1. We will hire support:

Blue is going to hire a cleaning service. Although she is capable of cleaning, she realized that her experience of life (and the energy she brings to her business) will improve when she is freed up from having to do it all herself.

Jennifer, who is a hypnotherapist, and regularly receives hypnotherapy for free, (from colleagues or in trade) has decided to seek out the hypnotherapist of her dreams and start paying for monthly sessions. She realized that the money she trades for hypnotherapy is actually a direct investment in herself. And, for some reason, that just feels more powerful.

Colleen, who is a health coach, is going to hire a coach. She recognized a feeling of stagnation in her life and is feeling ready for the next step. She is tired of self-limitations and patterns and needs outside perspective to break free.20141010_080921_resized

2. We will honor our desires:

Jennifer is going to buy jewelry for herself for the first time, and revel in the fun of choosing the perfect gem stones for their energetic properties.

Colleen is going to express her desires and be open to receiving. She will free her throat chakra and give her full self to the world. She will accept outside perspectives as guiding experiences, while valuing uniqueness. This will open her ability to recognize gifts in the world.

Blue can’t wait to get home to connect with her family. Because her cup feels full, she is ready to pour love on her husband and children. Being apart from her husband, and soaking up a bunch of powerful feminine energy is a great recipe to spark up the intimacy in her 15-year-long relationship.20141012_084532_resized

What are YOUR action steps for stepping into the best version of you?  How will you get a full cup, so you can give with ease, fun, and patience, instead of with guilt, sacrifice, and strife?

Come join us for a magical experience of rejuvenation, relaxation, personal growth, sisterhood, great food, and love, oh big, big love!  Sign up today!  There are still a few spots left!cropped-womens-retreat-logo-color-fire-with-text-copy.jpg

With All Our Love and Devotion,

The Magical Mama Triophoto-16

Listen in on our Call – 3 Simple Strategies to Get More “Me Time”


Such fun! Yesterday, the three of us (Blue, Colleen & Jen) got on the phone to share our favorite 3 ways to grab some much-needed (and all-too-rare) “Me Time!” Listen in for:

  • Why you need a corn field.
  • A relaxing 15 minute guided meditation created just for busy Mamas like you.
  • Tips for bringing nature into your daily life.
  • The science of how sisterhood truly is essential!

Plus, we answered your questions about the upcoming Magical Mama Retreat (details on that here), and shared how we came to create this event! (And Blue shared why her husband loves it when she goes away… it’s not what you think!)

***Click HERE to tune in!*** (call runs about 65 minutes – listen to it in parts or all at once – you won’t want to miss any of it!)

Getting All Efficient With Your Self-Care

groupHoly shimolie, y’all! The retreat is less than two weeks away!

What’s so amazing about this get-away is that it’s an opportunity to get in some stellar self-care all in one spot, and all in one weekend. Though we KNOW filling our cup is important, most of us do not drive and get babysitting to do proper self care 10 times a month, or even 10 times a year. This is an opportunity to attend 6 powerful, transformative workshops, and 4 beautifully, exquisitely rejuvenating healing sessions, all at one gorgeous location with other like-minded, inspirational women.

Check out the amazing line-up we’ve got in store for you:

Welcome and Introductory Session
-Includes healthy and yummy snacks in the lovely Arcosanti garden

Chakra Balancing Workshop and Healing Session
-Learn and practice weekly chakra balancing meditation to do at home
-Lay out and enjoy a guided meditation journey to clear any old, negative energy, and re/discover your gifts and passions, envisioning your future, free of limitations
-$125 Value

IMG_7176Sound Healing Session
-Fully relax and rejuvenate, as you bathe in the soothing sounds of the sacred gong and crystal singing bowls
-$35 Value

Active Listening Workshop
-Listen and be heard on a new and powerful level, in this safe space of sisterhood
-$65 Value

Goddess Bath Healing Session
-Assist Other Mamas With Feeling Nurtured and Accepted, Easily and Effortlessly
-Experience Acceptance of Nurturing in a Safe Space, Free of Expectations
-Enjoy Some Sisterhood Bliss!
-$65 Value

Bonfire Workshop: Sisterhood Stories, Chants, and Guitar
-Learn ancient chants to live folk guitar, in order to connect with divine source, as you define it, to assist with removing obstacles, and to celebrate the divine feminine
-Get inspired with stories of powerful women, told around a bonfire
-$65 Value

Morning Yoga
-Get Your Flow on, With Sacred Movement in a Beautifully Led Simple Asana Practice… Or SLEEP IN! : )
-$15 Value

IMG_0350Art Workshop
-Let your creative juices flow, as you mold and paint four clay pendants to solidify your intentions for the retreat, and to serve as a reminder of your unquestionable worth and radiant inner beauty
-Enjoy a guided meditation to tap into your inner artiste, and let her come out and play!
-All materials provided
-$125 Value

Vibrant Food Tasting Workshop
-Learn how to savor healthy, sweet treats on a whole new level, using that energy to care for yourself, deeply
-$35 Value

Envisioning the True You, Vibrance for Your Bright Future
-Powerful Guided Meditation for Creating Abundance and Stepping into the “You” You’ve Always Dreamed of
-$15 Value

Four Organic Meals/Snacks
-$80 Value

Guestroom-1intsmallwebOne Night’s Accommodations at Arcosanti
-$40 Value

Quiet Downtime to Sit and Relax

All of this love, sisterhood, and healing that your body and spirit (not to mention your partner and kids!) NEED, a $665 Value, is YOURS for only $247!

This retreat was designed specifically for you, a mama who deserves some exquisite self-care, but is on a budget.

How does this sound?  It’s Monday, after the retreat has passed, and you are feeling like you SO NEEDED THAT.  You wake up rejuvenated, ready for the week, in love with your partner and enamored with your kids.  Ahhhh.  Life is good!

Join us for a truly life-changing experience. Sign up now, right here.

AND, please join us for a free transformational call at 2pm on Monday, October 6, 2014 to learn how to grab some “me time” quickly and easily, every single day.

Full of so much love and excitement,

476169_4468400671211_33292884_oJennifer Hoeprich

Home Birth Midwife and Hypnotherapist


Get Ready to Play with Clay!

Earlier this week I purchased the clay we’ll use to create ceramic pendants during our retreat!  It’s a beautiful and smooth white clay…perfect for shaping, impressing, and carving.

IMG_0350Just imagine:

We’ll be sitting on the edge of a quiet mesa, where we spent the previous evening in celebration and joy, and we’re enjoying the spectacular view and sisterhood.

I have slabs of clay prepared and laid out on the table along with a few simple tools.  Each magical mama will be invited to cut out a shape from the clay.  We’ll practice design techniques together and gather ideas for a final creation.

Then, I’ll lead a meditation based on self-compassion.  It may inspire some release to fuel your design!  There will be plenty of time and space for silent reflection in the process and we’ll also be sure to create opportunity for lighthearted collaboration, as desired.

In each pendant, we’ll engrave our initials or a chosen symbol and take some photos.  Then we’ll choose a compelling glaze.  Later on, I’ll fire and glaze each pendant for participants.  The finished work will either be hand-delivered or mailed to participants before the holidays.  Each participant may create up to four final pendants.

Why pendanp1-fts??

At the retreat, we’ll do a lot of clearing and healing work.  It’s a chance to release, receive, and rediscover. Artistic expression is just one facet to our integrated approach to healing.  Take a look at our schedule to see the additional offerings you’ll experience.

Art is so very individual.  I believe it reflects our energy and thoughts in the moment.  We are often able to visually express latent ideas that are difficult to discuss, which is how artistic expression heals.

To me, a pendant serves as a noticeable reminder.  It can even symbolize a thought or event.  Perhaps it honors a process. Nonetheless, it is not a light necklace that no one notices.  A pendant is felt by the wearer: it swings when you lean and bounces against your body.  With each movement, you’ll remember the person who gave it to you or you’ll remember an experience.

A pendant may help you share your story with others, because people will notice it and start a conversation.

We are creating ceramic pendants together because Blue, Jennifer, and I want this experience to stick with you.  The retreat will shift your perspective.  There will be breakthroughs!  A physical reminder of those breakthroughs will help them stick.

So often, our perspective slides back into old habits after a shift, but repetition and reminders help create evolution.

The magic we experience together in just a few weeks won’t fade away – it’s building.

Now is the time for women to come together in compassion and beauty.

See you there.  Only 14 spots left.

Reserve your spot.

And join us for a free call to learn self-care techniques you can do now and to ask questions about our upcoming retreat.  This happens on Monday at 2pm.


Colleen Reckow

Certified Holistic Health Coach, AADP

Gift for YOU – “Me Time for Busy Mamas”

You know the importance of time to yourself, to relax, rejuvenate, and refresh is essential, but being a mom makes it challenging to find the time!

Join us for a complimentary call to learn 3 simple ways to create “Me Time.”(One technique you can use even when you only have one minute!) Consider it our gift to YOU.

Plus, the Magical Mama Trio – Blue, Colleen and Jen – will be on hand to personally answer your questions about the upcoming Magical Mama Retreat.
When: Monday, October 6
Time: 2:00pm AZ Time (Pacific)
Format: Listen by Phone or Online
Cost: FREE!

sign up button
While we recommend you attend live, this call will be recorded for listening (or re-listening) later, so go ahead and sign up!  “See” you soon!