Online Mothers’ Leadership Retreat

If you are a mother, you are also a healer, a changemaker, and the keeper of our future. You are a leader.
Come join Arizona mama leaders in an exciting and revolutionary gathering, as we create a powerful conversation, teach and learn from one another, enjoy sisterhood, and empower each other to reach our greatest heights!
Registration for this event is $47 and includes a video of all the workshops!
Check out these amazing speakers!
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Mothers’ Leadership Retreat Schedule:

8:30am: Welcome

8:45am: “A Brief Herstory of Motherhood and Sisterhood in Leadership” with Jennifer Hoeprich, Creator of Magical Mamas and Community Midwife

9:30am: “Balancing Feminine and Masculine Energies in Leadership: A Journey from Burn-Out to Balance” with Dawn Antestenis

10:15am: Dance with Nicholle!

10:30am: “How to Have Time & Energy to Thrive as a Mother” with Nicholle Caldwell, Intuitive Healer & Clarity Coach, including guided meditation

11:15am: Break/Participant Forum/Networking Opportunity

What’s standing out for you, thus far?
How are you currently providing leadership?

12 noon: Yoga and Mindfulness Session

1:00pm: “A Mother’s Worth: Stepping Into Your Feminine Power” with Bird Mejia, Intuitive Healer/Life Coach, including sound healing and Breathwork!

1:45pm: “4th Trimester: One Mother’s Leadership Journey” with Jennie Bever, PhD, IBCLC, Founder of 4th Trimester AZ

2:30pm: Guided Meditation



2:45pm: Panel Discussion: “Weaving Together Motherhood and Leadership” with:

*Blue Russ, Women’s Career Transition Master Coach

*Kelsey Domaina, Author, Intuitive Life Coach

*Mariana Aokalani, MD, PsyD, Parent & Baby Coach

*Jennie Bever, PhD, IBCLC

*Jennifer Hoeprich, CPM

3:30pm: Group Coaching “How will we be the change?” Led by Sharon Rose, Master Life Coaching Teacher at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, and founder of Goddess Leadership Academy

4:15pm: “Mothers in Political Leadership & Looking Ahead,” With Julie Gunigle, JD, Candidate for Maricopa County Attorney

5:00pm – 5:15pm: Closing/Thank you!


Mothers are natural leaders. We have an awareness of what must be done… to repair, to maintain, and to plan for the future. We have the ability to see the “longview,” and we see the foundation of our families as the foundation of our society.
The time is now for the mothers to come together, to lift one another up, to generate a new form of leadership which transcends the current unsustainable model.
The palms of your hands and the center of your wombs hold immense power. There is wisdom in our bones, an ancient knowing.
It is time for mothers to claim our rightful place among the leaders of our homes, our communities, our businesses, our political realm, and beyond. Only when the mothers unite, will we experience balance and sustainability.
See you at this groundbreaking event!