Tell it like it is! (Testimonials)

“Jen and Blue created such an amazing and transformative experience. For me, it was a chance to relax, renew, and get in touch with who I am as a mother and a person, and with what my dreams and goals are for theh future. The guided imagery was particularly powerful for me, and the revelations I made during that day are something I will carry with me my whole life!” -Jennie, Chandler, AZ


“Jen and Blue created an amazing open comfortable space for us to reconnect with the true meaning of being a mother. The most impactful thing for me was when I discovered that I needed to remember to play! I am forever grateful to these women for their endless passion and love for women.” -Iana, Chandler, AZ


“The Magical Mama Retreat was exactly what I needed! I had just gotten pregnant and was able to connect with other moms who shared with me valuable wisdom about the blessings & challenges of motherhood. Plus, Jen’s chakra balancing meditation opened doors for major shifts in my life. It was a weekend I’ll never forget!” -Izzi, Mesa, AZ


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