A Glimpse of the Magical Mama Retreat 2015

Thank you to our AMAZING participants! We love you!

Thank you to Grace Marcellino Photography for capturing these moments.


Thank you to Colleen, Hildi and all of the Arcosanti Community and the Cosanti Foundation for providing the container for our growth.


Also, thank you to the Cafe at Arcosanti for providing our delicious food.


We enjoyed yoga by the side of the gorge lead by Iz Word.



Jennifer Hoeprich (midwife & meditation teacher) lead us in a powerful Chakra Balancing experience.


Colleen Reckow (health coach & artist) lead us in a meditative ceramic-pendant-making workshop.




After dinner, Blue Russ (intuitive nourishment coach & mentor to healers) lead us in releasing our limiting beliefs into the bonfire. Then we shared Goddess Stories, and a few of us went dancing at the wedding reception nearby!



The next morning, we were bathed in sound by Iz Word


And then Blue Russ lead us in releasing fears.


Then Jennifer Hoeprich taught us how to give each other a Goddess Shower – pure love flowed through the room!



We concluded with a guided visualization by Blue Russ, and then Jennifer Hoeprich invited us to declare each other Goddesses by putting flowers in each others’ hair.





Much love and gratitude for all who created magic with us this year… Until we meet again, dear sisters!

(And if you missed it this year, we would dearly love to have you join in on May 28, 2016! Be sure to get on our mailing list to get the first invite!)


To the Magic in YOU,
~Jen & Blue

PS: Special thanks to the local women-owned businesses that contributed to gifts for the Magical Mamas, so that they could be showered with extra love! Contributing businesses included… Life Health Abundance (Shoshana Roller), Dollipop Cosmetics, The Center for True Harmony Wellness and Medicine, Beth Wingert (USANA rep), The Beet Lady, Jnantik Mayan Superfoods, Gilbert Yoga, Nurtured Mama, Chef Lori Brooks, and Maryann Tydwell… We LOVE you ALL!!

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