Get Ready to Play with Clay!

Colleen here. Earlier this week I purchased the clay we’ll use to create ceramic pendants during our retreat!  It’s a beautiful and smooth white clay…perfect for shaping, impressing, and carving.

IMG_0350Just imagine:

We’ll be sitting on the edge of a quiet mesa, where we spent the previous evening in celebration and joy, and we’re enjoying the spectacular view and sisterhood.

I have slabs of clay prepared and laid out on the table along with a few simple tools.  Each magical mama will be invited to cut out a shape from the clay.  We’ll practice design techniques together and gather ideas for a final creation.

Then, I’ll lead a meditation based on self-compassion.  It may inspire some release to fuel your design!  There will be plenty of time and space for silent reflection in the process and we’ll also be sure to create opportunity for lighthearted collaboration, as desired.

In each pendant, we’ll engrave our initials or a chosen symbol and take some photos.  Then we’ll choose a compelling glaze.  Later on, I’ll fire and glaze each pendant for participants.  The finished work will either be hand-delivered or mailed to participants before the holidays.  Each participant may create up to four final pendants.

Why pendanp1-fts??

At the retreat, we’ll do a lot of clearing and healing work.  It’s a chance to release, receive, and rediscover. Artistic expression is just one facet to our integrated approach to healing.  Take a look at our schedule to see the additional offerings you’ll experience.

Art is so very individual.  I believe it reflects our energy and thoughts in the moment.  We are often able to visually express latent ideas that are difficult to discuss, which is how artistic expression heals.

To me, a pendant serves as a noticeable reminder.  It can even symbolize a thought or event.  Perhaps it honors a process. Nonetheless, it is not a light necklace that no one notices.  A pendant is felt by the wearer: it swings when you lean and bounces against your body.  With each movement, you’ll remember the person who gave it to you or you’ll remember an experience.

A pendant may help you share your story with others, because people will notice it and start a conversation.

We are creating ceramic pendants together because Blue, Jennifer, and I want this experience to stick with you.  The retreat will shift your perspective.  There will be breakthroughs!  A physical reminder of those breakthroughs will help them stick.

So often, our perspective slides back into old habits after a shift, but repetition and reminders help create evolution.

The magic we experience together in just a few weeks won’t fade away – it’s building.

Now is the time for women to come together in compassion and beauty.

See you there.

Reserve your spot.

Colleen Reckow

Certified Holistic Health Coach, AADP

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